Health & Safety Policy


CBR Maintenance Group fully recognises the importance of achieving and maintaining good standards of health and safety management. Our Health & Safety Policy therefore provides a framework for the company to achieve good practice and compliance with legislative requirements and approved codes of practice. The Policy reflects the commitment of the company to ensure that those companies operate in a safe and healthy manner.

The CBR Maintenance Group Ltd Health & Safety Policy is summarised as follows: –

All company activities are carried out with regard for the health, safety and welfare of all its employees, and for the health and safety of contractors, sub-contractors and other non-employees and members of the public who interface with the Company’s activities. Health and safety matters are afforded priority within each subsidiary company as a core value in all sections of the business.

The Company management is responsible for formulating the Policy and monitoring its implementation. In order to do this it will ensure that subsidiary business is aware of this Policy and their role in its implementation and will regularly review each subsidiary business’s health and safety performance.

Each manager is responsible for giving appropriate consideration to the health and safety implications arising out of decisions or proposals made within the remit of their respective area of responsibility. The management team will then collectively consider the implications of any such decisions or proposals and assess the impact on current policy before taking action.

It is the responsibility of the directors and the management team to ensure adequate information, instruction and supervision are made available to every employee. * It is the responsibility of the directors to consult employees on matters affecting health and safety and this Policy and to ensure that any revisions are brought to each individuals attention. All employees are expected to exercise personal responsibility in preventing injury to themselves and others and to co-operate with management in complying with health and safety legislation.

It is the intention of the Group Board to ensure compliance with both the requirements and the spirit of the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and all regulations and approved codes of practice made under this act.

This Policy is reviewed at regular intervals and revised as necessary.